“Expect the Unexpected”

This is the official website of our Paranormal Investigation and Historical Research team,  “Ghost Hunters of Eastern United States” (GHEUS). We Investigate and carry out Historical Research for FREE! All you have to do is contact us.

There won’t be any fees for investigating but depending on how far we have to drive to get to your location there may be gas fees.

We are looking for more team members! Fill out application attached below and mail it to the address posted on the contact us page! 

Paranormal Investigator application


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  • If you think your house is haunted, Contact us and we will get right back to you. We accept all cases. If you do contact us, be sure to check your email within the next 24 hours!!!
  • Schedule to come with us during our investigations by contacting us!!!

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About the team:

We are a Christian Paranormal Investigative and Historical Researching team that originates in Ohio. We do however represent 38 states in the USA. To see the states that we represent visit Investigation and Research Links !


  1. We want to help those who have passed and are stuck in the human world move on.
  2. We want to prove that specific places are haunted. If they are haunted who is haunting it?
  3. We want to use science to prove of anything paranormal (Beyond Normal).



We do have investigation fees depending on how far we have to drive and the type of haunting we are investigating. To receive a quote please Contact Us!


We have tons of equipment, here are some of them.

K2 Meter (EMF Detector)

Thermal Gun

Spirit Box

Paratek Box

Voice Recorders

Walkie Talkies

Motion Sensor Cameras

Motion Sensor Alarms

Thermal Camera

Holy Water



Video Cameras




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Contact Us

Do you think your house is haunted? Are you Curious about the History of your Property? Does other people think your property is haunted? Contact us, we would be honored to help you.
If you do contact us be sure to check your email within the next 24 hours!!!

Contact me at…

Official Phone Number: 6143954267

Facebook: Search GHEUS or Ghost Hunters of the Eastern United States.

Official Email: tavioneyerman.mchs@gmail.com or on Facebook